Welcome to the New Renaissance Home Page. New Renaissance hosts the websites for several music organisations - all based in the United Kingdom and all specialising in Early Music.

Chapelle du Roi is a vocal ensemble specialising in the performance of sacred music from the Renaissance. Following their appearances at the York Early Music Festival, Utrecht Early Music Festival and their tour of the USA they are rapidly gaining an enviable reputation for their interpretations of English and Spanish music.
Signum Records Ltd is a new record label that has been launched world-wide to promote the finest music that artistic endeavour can produce. Be it 16th century sacred vocal music or contemporary music the aim is to achieve performances that are as close to the intentions of the composer as possible. Artists on the Signum label include Chapelle du Roi, The Clerks' Group, charivari agréable, Musica Antiqua, Hausmusik London, Lucy Carolan and Cordaria.
The Cantiones Press provides attractive and authoritative editions of Renaissance choral music. The majority of works have either not previously been published at all, or cannot be obtained in formats which are financially viable for choirs and consorts.
The Renaissance Society was formed in 1944 to promote the understanding and appreciation of plainchant, Renaissance polyphony and other types of vocal and instrumental music from the period. The Renaissance Society operates the Renaissance Singers and Saecuclum. THE RENAISSANCE SOCIETY
(founded 1944)
The Renaissance Singers were founded in 1944 and operate under the auspices of the Renaissance Society. The choir is one of London's leading amateur choirs and is unique in that it specialises in early music. The Renaissance Singers give six or so concerts a year and undertake a concert tour each year, usually aborad.
Saeculum operates under the auspices of the Renaissance Society and offers a programme of events including a festival of Early Music. This combines workshops and concerts in an annual weekend which includes Renaissance food and drink. The fifth Saeculum Festival will be held on Saturday July 26th 2002 at Magdalen College, Oxford, UK.
Libris is a site for musicians and students aiming to provide resources for performance and study. The site contains catalogues, articles and biographical information relating to composers, aspects of performance and academic study.
Video Shorts is a collection of videos which Alistair Dixon has been involved in the production and editing.  



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